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November 2014

Why your surgeon should play video games

By: Lauren Maher (Bugle Team)

Newspapers often report findings about the effects of violent video games on behaviour despite the true results being extremely mixed. Many studies report conflicting findings, making it difficult to draw any real conclusions. This article presents studies that question the role of violent video games in causing aggression, followed by an examination of the positive effects of video games and their potential uses in clinical settings.

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Revisiting Retribution: Attending the Crime, Punishment and Retribution Series – Salon London (Review)


By: Eleanor Brown (Bugle Team)

Salon, a science, art and psychology monthly showcase, is held in the upper room of a pub that feels like a place where politics, emotions and new scientific ideas have been discussed and debated throughout the centuries.  Theatre Bar at the KPH pub in West London serves as the perfect setting for the third and final talk in their Crime, Punishment and Retribution series.

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The Act of Documenting

By: Sofija Melnikaite & Luke Blackett – This article is associated with the screening of the documentary “The Act of Killing”, an event hosted by the Psychology Society (17.11.14). For more information, see below

“Documentary filmmaking has to move away from the fact-based movies, because facts per se do not constitute truth… otherwise the Manhattan phone directory would be the book of books, four million entries, every single one factually correct. Mr Jonathan Smith, his address and telephone number can be verified. But whether he has nightmares, or whether he cries into his pillow at night we do not know and that’s where filmmaking has to move.” – Werner Herzog

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