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November 2015

I Have a Mind of My Own, And So Does My Car. But Maybe You Don’t.

By Kunalan Manokara (Bugle Team)

Let us talk about minds today. You know, minds. The thing we young people claim to have, every single time we attempt to validate our decisions to our parents. We have minds of our own, right? It’s assumed that all things living have a mind; I can think, which is how I’ve written this article, and you can think as well, which is how you’re making sense of this information as you read it. But have you ever wondered whose mind we actively think about, and whose we do not?

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How Does Facebook Affect You Emotionally?


By Manyin Lo (Bugle Team)

How often do you check Facebook? During a toilet break or many times a day? What do you use Facebook for? Checking messages or seeing what Tom from secondary school is up to?  Continue reading “How Does Facebook Affect You Emotionally?”

Why I Love Stats: An Interview With Dr. Alastair McClelland



A couple of weeks ago we sat down and had a little chat with the man himself, Alastair McClelland.

Interviewers: Helice Stratton and Diana Urlichich (Bugle Team)

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Why We Laugh: Finding Meaning in Laughter



By: Leonora Bowers (Bugle Team)

Last week, UCLU Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society hosted an evening lecture on the science of laughter that proved to be extremely popular. Along with the members of the hosting society, the UCL Neuroscience Society too attended the event. Together they managed to fill up almost half of UCL’s larger lecture theatres. The speaker was Professor Sophie Scott, a senior fellow of the Wellcome Trust and a leading researcher in the neuroscience of voices and emotion at UCL. She had recently given a TED talk on the subject – “Why We Laugh”, that was also the subject of this event.

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You Don’t Want the Truth, You Make Up Your Own Truth: Watching “Memento” (Review) (SPOILER FREE)


By: Jessica Pu (Bugle Team)


Recently, I have been binge watching psychological thrillers, and the most distinct among them was Memento. The non-linear narration, intricate plot and protagonist’s internal struggle make this movie remarkably fascinating and unique.

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