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December 2015

When the Swan Goes Mad: Black Swan Movie Review

By Bridget Yu (Bugle Team)

Black Swan (2010) is a truly eye-catching piece of cinematography featuring several highly interesting psychological phenomena. For those who have never watched it before, below is a brief synopsis.

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Why Do We Eat More Around Certain People?


By Diana Urlichich (Bugle Team)

Eating is a social behavior for human beings. The plans we make often revolve around food consumption: catching up with an old friend over lunch, or inviting close ones to a birthday dinner. Although eating a meal or having coffee can be a pleasant social activity, (and works as a sort of social glue), it could seriously affect the amounts of food we eat, especially when it comes to overeating.

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Stress: Friend or Foe?


By Jessica Pu (Bugle Team)

 Remember the last time you stayed up until 3 am finishing your lab report? Recall that frantic moment when you saw the exam paper and didn’t know how to answer any of the questions?  In both cases, you were stressed.

Stress is our body’s response to a stimulus that disrupts our physical and/or mental equilibrium. Such a stimulus sure does seem negative, but is our body’s response to it negative as well?

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Dissecting the History of Forensics: Reading The Anatomy of Crime (Review)

anatomy of crime

By Leya George (Bugle Team)

A few months ago, the Wellcome Collection opened an exciting new exhibition entitled Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime. Now, my discovery of it may have coincided with the summer exam period. As you can imagine, the idea of exploring the science of murder was as attractive to me as a corpse to maggots. Cheery stuff, that.

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The Quest For Our True Self


By Yulia Petrina (Bugle Team)

For millennia, the idea of discovering our true selves has teased humanity, and our modern society hasn’t lost interest in this quest. As Carl Jung said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

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