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January 2016

Marketing Strategies: Why You Buy Things You Don’t Need



By Bridget Yu (Bugle Team)

There is no doubt that knowledge from psychology can be applied to almost everything. For example, when we sell an object, we promote it in a way that customers will want to buy it. Or when we study history, we may also try to give reasons to what our ancestors do. Psychology does the same thing! Many psychologists develop their own theories first by observation, followed by a hypothesis. Therefore, some psychological theories may be able to explain marketing strategies. Here are a few of them.

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The Psychology Behind the Meat Paradox


By: Kunalan Manokara (Bugle Team)

“If possessing a higher degree of intelligence does not entitle one human to use another for his or her own ends, how can it entitle humans to exploit non-humans?”

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Talent: genetics or hard work alone?


By Manying Lo (Bugle Team)

Recently, I decided to pick up a new hobby-kendo. Kendo, in simple terms, is a Japanese martial arts where ‘bamboo practice swords are used to strike various targets protected by armour’. I’m enjoying it immensely. However,  not long ago I went to see a national Kendo competition, there were children aged 6-9 skilfully engaging in the art and I found myself admiring their energy, determination and talent. It made me feel a bit silly. Being twice to three times their age, I still struggle to grasp kendo footwork and I don’t have half their energy to kiai (to yell), sounding instead like an agitated frog. So, being eighteen, is it possible for me to be as skilled as a person who picked it up early?

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From Rags to Research: An Interview with Dr. Jeremy Skipper


Interview and Editing by Yajie Xie (Guest Interviewer) and Aleya Marzuki (Bugle Team)

Dr Jeremy Skipper is an experimental psychologist studying the neurobiology of language use. Known for his burning interest in the organisation of language in the brain, as well as his quirky fashion choices, the Bugle Team decided Jeremy would be an interesting person to chat to. And we were not mistaken.

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