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March 2016

Bridging the Gap #1: An Interview with Dr Antonia Hamilton


Dr Antonia Hamilton is a researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in UCL. Her research interests include applying models of motor control to action understanding and social cognition.

Interviewer: Aleya Aziz Marzuki ; Transcriber: Yulia Petrina

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‘Change is the only thing you can count on’: An interview with Professor Jill Paine


Interviewer: Diana Urlichich

Dr. Jill Waymire Paine is a professor of Organisational Psychology at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain.  She studies how leaders can strengthen follower engagement and commitment during change initiatives using targeted, deliberate, persuasive communication.  Her dissertation on this topic received the Susan G. Cohen Doctoral Research Award from the USC Marshall School of Business. Aside from her publications as an active researcher, Dr. Jill published a book entitled Organization Change: A Comprehensive Reader

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Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory: When the Past is Crystal Clear.


By Manying Lo (Bugle Team)

I remember the time my first tooth fell out. It was loosely hanging from my gums so my brother decided that it might be a good idea to tie a string around it and, well, I’ll let you guess the rest. Although this memory remains vividly in my mind, there are many events that I cannot remember clearly. Yet, if you are an individual with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), then you’d be able to recall your past with incredible accuracy.

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The Science of Celebrity Worship


By Bridget Yu (Bugle Team)

After four Oscar nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won an Oscar! Congratulations Leo! I’m sure that all of you have come across the posts of different memes, photos or videos on social media, by Leo’s fans after he won the Oscar (believe me this is not another spam post). Undoubtedly, he has lots and lots of fans all over the world. Yet, how important is he in his fan’s eyes? Why do people go crazy about their idols?

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‘Room’ is where the heart is : Review of ‘Room’ – Emma Donoghue


By Leya George (Bugle Team)

A typical day for Jack: he wakes up with his Ma, who makes him breakfast, brushes his long hair, plays with him, watches TV with him, and answers all his questions. At night he sleeps in the cupboard; his Ma hides him there initially before Old Nick comes to visit. If he’s lucky, he’ll wake up next to Ma in the morning.

A typical day for Ma: she wakes up with her son Jack in the same bed she has been forced to sleep in for the past seven years. She goes through the rudimentary process of looking after Jack: feeding him, bathing him, putting aside the atrocities she has faced and continues to face. All so Jack can happily go about his daily life, exploring the world around him.

‘Room’ being the only world he has ever known.

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