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February 2018

Top 5 Strange Disorders Caused By Brain Damage

The last few decades have been overwhelmed by the discovery of various disorders caused by brain damage, which have resulted in peculiar symptoms for the patients. In this article, we count down the five strangest disorders caused by brain damage. We will focus on disorders that affect one’s perception of the world around them, and examine their causes and symptoms.

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Don’t Worry, Be sad!

It may seem counterintuitive, but sadness may serve some purposes in improving your task performance and interpersonal relationships. After reading this article, you will gain some insights on:

  • the benefits of being sad,
  • why and how mood affects performance, and
  • when should you be happy, when should you be sad?

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How to boost your New Year’s Resolutions

The start of the New Year is traditionally seen as the perfect time to start over, which explains the custom of making New Year’s resolutions. However, we all know that even with the best of intentions, people usually struggle with maintaining their new year’s resolutions.

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The Untold Truth About the Stanford Prison Experiment

Imagine that at this exact moment, you get a knock on your door. It’s a pair of policemen – and before you know it, you’re accused of robbery with violence and raid and arrested. You’re taken to the closest police station; after getting logged in the system, you’re brought to the provincial prison. You’re stripped, patted down and uniformed in pale clothes, rubber sandals and a nylon cap. Heavy chains are attached to your ankles. You feel humiliated. You’ve become a prisoner stripped of identity, and, over time, you won’t just feel it physically, but emotionally and psychologically as well.

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