First, a bit of background. The Bugle began as a student run blog under the name The Opinionated Psychologist in 2012. After going through some tweaks and name changes, the Bedford Bugle was born. The name ‘Bedford’ Bugle signifies the UCL Psychology Society’s ownership of the blog as the Psychology and Languages Department is situated in 26 Bedford Way. However, by no means are we exclusively for psychology students. We aim to cross borders and break boundaries by offering readers of any discipline, and background, quality content.

What content exactly? First of all, we have an array of weekly articles that discuss, dissect and deconstruct issues and advancements within the field of psychology. The varied article topics reflect the multi-faceted nature of psychology. From neuroscience to biology to philosophy, we target almost every area of interest as long as it bears relation to psychology.  Our aim, ultimately, is to entertain you whilst giving you that sense of ‘wow I never knew that!’ which in our opinion is one the best feelings as it facilitates scientific interest and curiousity.

Next up, we present you with live and up-to-date research within the field. How do we do this? Through interviews with researchers themselves! We regularly schedule interviews with established, as well as up-and-coming, psychologists. Furthermore, we give you sneak peeks into psychology-based events happening around London: from talks, to shows, to interactive events, we tell you what’s worth going to and what’s merely… alright. Our Reviews section also covers books and movies. Ever wondered whether there was some psychologically deeper meaning behind your all-time favourite movies? Scuttle on over to our Reviews section to find out!

We are always looking for new content creators to join our friendly team. If interested, do head on over to Contact Us for details.

Thanks for reading and we hope to be regular part of your internet browsing.

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