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Here, to honour our team members through the ages, we’ve set up a sort of memorial page. After all, where better to have your face immortalised than on the Bedford Bugle!

Without further ado, meet our previous BUGLERS.



Hi there! I’m Christos, your head of the blog, and I have made it my year’s resolution to provide Bedford and UCL overall with the greatest – nay!, the epitome of, student experience. Being responsible for any and all stuff going on at the Bugle, I oversee the work of, coordinate and assist the Bugle team. Though I am a ghost in the machine, this is not the last you’ll see of me. I will be writing articles regularly, mainly revolving around development and psychopathology, psychotherapy and neuroscience.


Hi I’m Jake, your Psychology Society Vice President, and I’ll be ‘supervising’ the blog as well as running the Gaims section – the place to go when you want to revise but don’t want to work! I’m very interested in neuroscience so you might also see some articles on that from me. Hopefully you’ll love reading the blog as much as we’ve loved making it.

Hey guys! My name is Julia, I am in my third year of studying Psychology. My role in the committee is of Year Rep. In a nutshell, I am here to pass what students want and need, in regards to things that they feel may be lacking or want changing, on to the committee, and by extension to the department. I will be collecting information about your views and satisfaction concerning academic/society topics through surveys during the year. My job is to ensure all students are happy with their experience at the Psychology department so please do feel free to speak your minds to me!


Hi, my name is Aleya, and I’m a first year student doing psychology. I will be an article writer and one of the interviewers for the Bugle. I hope to become a researcher or clinical psychologist in the future. My interests include experimental and social psychology, looking after rabbits, playing the guitar and watching a multitude of YouTube videos.


Hi! My name is Eleanor and I am in my second year of studying Psychology and Language Sciences. I’m going to be writing articles and reviews for the Bugle and managing our Facebook page. I’m interested in issues in psychology to do with language, psychopathology, and neurological disorders such as those discussed in Oliver Sack’s books.


Hello, I’m Joe. After a couple of years in the wilderness that is the ‘real world’, I’m now a postgraduate studying Cognitive and Decision Sciences – somehow logically following on from a degree in maths and philosophy. I also work for the New Scientist magazine, and inflict the remainder of my thoughts to our lovely blog. When I am not writing articles or interviewing psychologists for the Bedford Bugle, I’m probably in a book, in a bar, or in bed.


I’m Lauren, a third year psychologist! My role within the bugle will consist mostly of writing articles on my areas of interest. My interests lie in the field of memory (spanning from neural to behavioural research) and I am also concerned with the practical applications of memory research in terms of education and learning in different environments.


Hello I’m Lydia; I’m a first year in psychology. I like singing and sign language and I am way too in to The Great British Bake Off. I’ll be working on surveys to allow you to give your feedback on your time at UCL. I will also be interviewing researchers to find out more about the work they do and life after University.


Hi, I’m Sepi and a first year student at UCL, doing psychology. Within the Bugle team, I hope to be contributing by writing up articles that I hope readers will find engaging. The idea of the Bugle appealed to me as I believe it is a perfect opportunity to investigate further into topics within psychology that stretch outside lecture material, and publish about these on a blog for other students to also appreciate.

Valentina's picture

Hi! My name is Valentina and I’m a third year student with a knack for writing! I’ll be working hard this year making sure the content we put out for our readers is the cream of the crop in terms of both form and content! When I’m not working on dotting everyone’s “i”s and crossing their “t”s, you can probably find me reading – regardless of whether it’s literature or science. Within Psychology, I’m fascinated by anything that literally plays tricks on my brain, be it social psychology or perceptual illusions.


Meet the second generation Bugle team! We’re every bit as good as the last.

Our team is highly diverse, and welcomes any student of PALS – be it a fresher, 2nd or 3rd year, undergrad or postgrad.

Our purpose: To serve creativity, expression and entertainment.

 Good or Bad (mostly good), this is who we are: 


Hi! I’m Diana and I’m a first year Psychology student. Some of the topics which really interest me are behaviours across cultures (and how they differ), interpersonal relationships, and social behaviour in general. I hope to do a combination of articles on these topics, as well as others, and interview write ups


Hi everyone! I’m Bridget, a first year Psychology and Language Sciences student. I’m happy to be a reviewer for the Bedford Bugle. In fact, I’m like many of you who’ve never done psychology before but I’m really excited to discover more about the amazing things in psychology and introduce them to all of you!


Hi, I’m Helice and I’m a second year linguistics student. I love writing about anything linguistics and how we understand words and sentences (hopefully getting a few more people interested in the subject along the way!) so I’ll be writing articles and maybe finding interesting things to review and people to interview.


Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m a first year Psychology and Language Sciences student. I will be writing articles and reviews for the Bugle. I like to read and watch movies about cognitive and social psychology, so do read the reviews for some movies that I’ve watched! My other interests include drawing comics, playing the piano and reading novels.


Hi, my name is Eleanor and I’m in my third year studying Psychology and Language Sciences. This is my second year involved with the Bugle and I’ll again be writing articles. My favourite areas of psychology involve language and all areas of the brain, an interest sparked by the works of Oliver Sacks. Outside of psychology I love baking, painting, reading and of course Netflix.


Hello, Bonjour, Privet! My name is Anastasia (or Nastya) and I am a second year psychology student and the Vice President of Psychology Society. I will be an article writer and as I am a movie nerd I will be reviewing some of those that I find especially fascinating from a psychological perspective. My areas of interest are: clinical and positive psychology, as well as psychology of romantic relationships (jealousy, cheating and all that stuff). You probably think that it is all unscientific bull, but I’ll try to prove you wrong. So girls, give up reading your vanilla Facebook posts and read some science!


Hello! I’m Manying, a first year Psychology undergraduate. I enjoy reading and art, I have 2 gerbils: Alvin and Max, and most importantly, I write intriguing articles for the Bugle, and you!


My friends call me Kunalan. I come from Singapore, and am currently reading my masters in social cognition. In writing for the Bedford Bugle, I focus on the topics of mind perception, cultural diversity and embodied emotion. It is my aim to translate scientific concepts into lingua franca, thereby being understood by a wider audience. I believe that psychology is easily relatable for everyone, and we should hence make a genuine effort to convey our findings to the general public – starting with the Bugle!


Hi! I’m Yulia and I’m a postgrad studying Cognitive and Decision Sciences. I’ll be writing on the topic that has always fascinated me, which is the self, or, more precisely, self-knowledge. I am also a great fan of popular science books, so I hope I’ll also have the chance to write a few book reviews.


Hello! My name is Aleya and I make sure the Bugle runs like a well-oiled machine, ensuring content of good quality is churned out regularly. I delegate tasks, moderate articles, edit, and organise meetings/meet-ups with the other members. What I do outside of the Bugle involves running around trying to learn as much about psychology as possible. Additionally, I love reading, long walks and bunnies. Do reach out to me if you’d like to be one of our writers and have your face plastered on this page here at