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When psychology meets fiction: The cure for drug addiction?

cropped-bb-oval8.jpgBy Morvwen Duncan & Shehnaz Bham – November 2013

The concept of manipulating memories is something we often come across in books and films.[…] Recent articles and research papers have been focused on the effectiveness of memory techniques as a treatment for drug addiction. Our article looks at the topic from an ethical perspective. Does the benefit of the treatment for sufferers of drug addiction outweigh the issue of altering a memory system that we do not yet have a complete understanding of?

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Sleep: Friend or Foe?

cropped-bb-oval8.jpgBy Emma Breeze & Sarita Aujla – January 2014

To most people, it would be logical to follow that sleep is pretty important. However, in our busy society, sleep is often overlooked as a nuisance, something which disrupts our lives and can sometimes even be thought of as an illness which needs curing. So what really is the point of sleep? And is it our friend or our foe?

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