FAQs are boring. They’re everywhere. We use Commonly Occurring Inquiries. It will be a thing.

Hey there, you wondrous person! Don’t be alarmed, we welcome all of our prospective team members wholeheartedly. You are about to enter our family, and we are very excited about it.


Why should I do it?

This question is simple, clear and will always require a good answer. In this particular case, it is also quite important. Being a member of the BB editing team means taking up responsibilities which, despite not having any implications for your studies whatsoever, will be critical to the function of the blog. We therefore need you to be certain about your decision, and are about to provide you with the reasons for which you should be.

  • It is significant for your CV. It was expected, it was mentioned, it is true. Being a member of an editing team means being involved with the psychology committee, which can be of vast significance for your CV. It is an extracurricular activity that will make you stand out from the crowd of applicants, and is suitable for any sort of career; Writing articles on topics of interest will be valuable for any academic post, while experience with interviews and reviews will definitely look good on the CV of anyone anyone interested in marketing and advertising.
  • You will get real certificates out of it. At the end of your involvement, you can receive a certificate from the head of the blog regarding your performance in the BB, whereby he promises to make you look better than Emma Watson at the Oscars. Note this will not be just a gesture of emotional value – the certificate will be signed by the head of the blog and the president of the committee herself, thus being suitable for inclusion in future applications, where it will be officially considered.
  • It will provide you with skills beyond typical committee posts. The nature of this work will provide you with qualities that are not earned by being assigned to some other typical post, like being a treasurer – though these remain, of course, vastly important positions. Aside from making you look responsible, reliable, keen for detail and a good manager of time and workload, it will illustrate how you can dedicate yourself to the purpose of expressing and exploring ideas. This means you do not just take information in. You digest it, you scrutinize it, you question it. People don’t necessarily do this nowadays, which will make you, admittedly, quite unique.
  • It is good for uni work and life in general. Working as an editor is nothing easy – it needs time, attention and an eye for detail. All of these things will be of utmost importance when it comes down to writing your labs. As you are about to find out, if you haven’t already, being careful with your writing and keeping things short and informative are the most common comments in lab reports. As a result, your work with us can only have positive results on your performance. Plus, being part of our team means pub nights, dinners and night outs, so life in the BB will also be sweet!


What will it involve?

It depends; What do you want to do? We have many different posts and things to be done, so you can pretty much do what you like the most, provided we have the space for it. Overall, you will be required to do tasks corresponding to your choices (write-ups, surveying, interviewing), and attend monthly team meetings, where blog updates and other matters are discussed – BB work should not require more than 7 hours a month.

We are flexible in terms of meeting arrangements, and everyone’s responsibilities will be respected, but participation in these meetings is not voluntary, and a good excuse for your absence is required.

It has been stated above, and will now be highlighted: Under no condition is blog work to put pressure on your academic life. Obviously, we are not asking you to sell your heart and soul to us; Yet what we value above all else in the BB is communication. If you have been assigned a task but find yourself mightily busy, speak up ASAP and we will unburden you right away – you can join in again when you’re feeling less pressure. We are however deeply saddened when team members take up responsibilities and leave us high and dry when it gets to the deadline. So please be open with us, tell us your troubles, and do as you wish but keep up posted!

This applies to overall team memberships too. We need to count on one another for the healthy function of the blog and therefore cannot afford artificial members. We appreciate and need your help, but we also need to rely on you and your involvement.


What do you want from me?

This question, also begged by Adam Lambert with remarkable success, is easily answered. We need you to be interested, motivated, energetic and willing. Ideas, thoughts, opinions, all rely on your temperament and personal attributes. We wish to see intellectual diversity become a trait of our team, and so we want columnists and team members that offer differing views and argue with their readers and between one another. We also need you to be responsible, accountable, and to have the time to spare for the demands of the blog. This is no small project, and having an organised and well-functioning team is of the essence for us to harmoniously carry out our work while having fun in the process. If you have those things, pop us an email and state your cause, because we want to hear from you!


Are our COIs not enough? Contact us directly to find out more!