Meet us, the fourth generation Bugle team!

We are a highly diverse team, which welcomes any student of PALS – no matter which year you are in, undergrad or postgrad. We seek to provide psychology-related information without all the academic jargon to anyone interested in psychology, preserving our creativity and sense of humour in our articles.

 And so, here we are: 

Hi reader, welcome to the Bedford Bugle! I’m Jessica, the editor-in-chief of the Bugle this year, also a final year Psychology and Language Sciences student. I am in charge of updating the Bugle each week, coordinating the submission and editing of articles, and providing any support to make the Bugle bigger and better. Outside the Bugle and Psychology, I’m usually reading novels, writing stories, creating artworks or playing the piano. If you’re interested in joining our team, please contact me at

Hi, everyone. My name is Xueqi Bao and I am doing my master in social cognition. I’m interested in social psychology, especially in topics on social relationships, self-knowledge and emotions. And I do think it’s meaningful to apply psychological knowledge in daily lives. Check out my articles and reviews on Bugle!

Hey! My name’s Sammi and I’m a first-year psychology student. It’s my first time being an article writer for the Bugle and all these gets me really excited! Clinical psychology is my area of interest and here, I’ll be sharing with you my enthusiasm towards psychology through Bedford Bugle!! Happy reading!

Hi everyone! I am Carolyn, a first year Psychology student. I will be writing and moderating articles for the Bugle! I am an avid tennis player and a member of UCL’s LUSL tennis team.

Hey, I’m Diana! I am currently a final year undergraduate Psychology student at UCL. Some of the areas of psych which interest me are human relationships, decision making, and clinical psychology. Outside of uni, some of my hobbies include photography, exercise science, food, and makeup!

Hey everyone! I’m Clara, I’m a second year psychology undergraduate and edit articles for the Bugle. I love the way psychology is broadly applicable to a wide range of topics, but I particularly like social psych and decision making. In my free time I love reading, cooking, exercising and riding!

Hi, I’m Robert! I’m an editor for the Bedford Bugle, and I also write professionally for UCL’s student newsletter, myUCL. You can see me around UCL doing 2nd year BSc Psychology & Language Sciences student things and generally working alongside UCL Changemakers. I love positive, educational and organisational psychology, have an adoration for languages and unique writing systems (I know 10 to date) and enjoy sitting down to play creative, adventure and action-packed video games.

Hi everyone! I’m Celia, a first year Psychology & Language Sciences Student. I am most interested in social neuroscience, more precisely in social learning, emotions and empathy, although I will be writing articles in cognition as well. I also like reading, soft piano music and antique shops.